Beautiful digital footprint for your business

Undostres is a consortium of digital companies from Latin America (Chile, Argentina) and Europe (London, Lisbon). Our award-winning team creates brilliant websites and produces social media and online content for business of all sizes. Our portfolio includes high-end restaurants, top legal firms, book publishers, luxury boutique hotels, and major TV broadcasters including the BBC and Starz.

The digital and online trailblazers behind undostres 

Based in Santiago de Chile, Dos Romeros is an award-winning digital agency, run by artist and tech head Lizzania Sanchez and hospitality industry specialist and marketing expert Virginia Velazquez.

LKMX is the Lisbon-based web and social media division of film and TV production company Luckymatrix, founded by producer Mayerly Marquez (creator of Match Not Found). 

ProduThing is a London-based TV production and digital content provider founded by award-winning producer/director Phil Ox (creator of  Popetown and Genie In The House).